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Our overhead catenary powered locomotives are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the rigorous standards of the railway industry. Our engineering team has dedicated over 15 years to developing a highly advanced driving system that utilizes asynchronous traction motors.

Technical description

The speed and torque of our overhead catenary locomotives are controlled by a frequency converter and maintenance-free, three-phase, asynchronous motors (with power from 20 kW to 100 kW). The transmission of torque from the electric motors is via the gearbox to the wheels. The chassis is of the two-axle type and the castors are secured with interchangeable rims. The suspension of locomotives is secured by an elastic rubber block. Current collectors have an optional range and are equipped with standard carbon rails or we can also offer the installation of rails used by the customer.

The locomotive is braked by two independent systems. Electodynamically, therefore, via electric motors and mechanically by a dual-circuit mechanical brake on the wheels. The brake control is proportional and the maximum braking force is adjustable.

The safety system, which is part of the frequency converter, provides automatic stopping of the motor in the event of a fault or when the limit values ​​are exceeded. All data is visible to the driver on the control panel of the frequency converter located directly in the cab. All trip data is stored in the control system, which is helpful in finding the cause of faults. The system and control is always set up directly at the customer and the software is adapted to his conditions.

The use of this software enables automatic data collection, setting of automatic speed reduction on sections of tracks, use of a camera system and other technical solutions.

Basic parameters

We can adapt the weight of locomotives to the customer's requirements - most often the total weight ranges from 8 to 33 tons. We can make the locomotive cab removable or fixed according to the conditions in the working environment. The cab can accommodate seating in one or both directions, as well as as needed.

We can adjust the track gauge from 500 mm to 1,060 mm with a gradient of 35 ‰, max. track radius 12 m. They work at temperatures from -10 to 40 ° C.


Our 20 t overhead catenary locomotive is our best-selling product, renowned for its unparalleled pulling power and exceptional driving abilities. Our engineering team has dedicated over 15 years to developing a highly advanced driving system that utilizes asynchronous traction motors


TypeTL - 08TL - 11TL - 14TL - 17TL - 20TL - 23TL - 33
Maximum pull (kN)2027,53542,55057,582,5
Electromotorsthree phase asynchronous
Power (kW)2 x 202 x 252 x 302 x 452 x 602 x 702 x 100
Weight (t)8111417202333
Gauge (mm)600-1200600-1200600-1200600-1200600-1200600-1200600-1435
Minimum curve radius10131518202025
Maximum speed (km/h)18181818181818
Cabin height (mm)1600-18001600-18001600-18001600-18001600-18001600-18001600-1800
Width (mm)1000-13001100-13001100-13001100-13001100-13001100-13001500-1800
Lenght total (mm)4700-53005000-55005000-55005000-55005000-55005000-55007000-7700
Headroom over rail (mm)80100100120120120120
Battery24 / 15024 / 15024 / 15024 / 15024 / 15024 / 15024 / 150

If your technical parameters are different - write us your specific requirements within the parameters and we will propose a solution directly for you.

Max. pull force (kN) 20 – 82,5
Elektromotors Three-phase asynchronous
Max. power (kW) 2x20 – 2x100
Weight (t) 8 – 33
Gauge (mm) 500 - 1 435
Max. curve radius (m) 10 – 25 (according to the locomotive dimensions)
Axles 2 or 4 (according to locomotive weight)
Maximal speed (km/h) 18 – 30 (according to locomotive dimensions and weight)
Max. height (cabine) (mm) 1 500 or specific
Max. width (mm) 1 850 or specific
Max. lenght (mm) 7 700 or specific

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