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The Lococrush jaw crusher is a compact mobile crusher with a unique price-quality / performance ratio. Its high crushing performance and at the same time simple operation and maintenance is ideal for use in the recycling or mining industry. Its compact dimensions and the ability to transport the sorting equipment directly on the machine will save operators a lot of time. The hydraulic control of the entire machine is designed so that regular maintenance or necessary service can be performed as quickly as possible.

Within the European Union, we have incorporated an engine installation with a particulate filter and an AdBlue tank. For customers who are allowed by the legislation, we can ensure the installation of the engine without an AdBlue tank or even without a particulate filter. We use quality, powerful and economical CAT motors in our machines.

As part of the standard, we supply a machine with a remote control, a desilting belt, preparation for sorting equipment. As an option, it is possible to order a number of options - diesel pump, water spray against dust, special treatment for high dust, treatment for extremely cold conditions, optical measuring device, central lubrication.

We also offer customers the possibility of special adjustments for specific conditions required by the customer, which distinguishes us from manufacturers who sell only standards. Partnership with the customer is a key factor for us and therefore we offer customers the opportunity to be in a technical solution so that their new machine meets all their requirements.

Standard delivery

  • Vibrating conveyor with sorting and discharge conveyor
  • Touch panel of the diesel unit
  • Remote control
  • Security features

Optional delivery

  • Sorting device that can be transported with the machine
  • Sieves for sorting according to customer requirements
  • Volumetric measuring device
  • Diesel pump
  • Central lubrication
  • Special treatments for high dust or extreme conditions
  • Possibility of customization

A compact mobile crusher with a unique price-performance ratio. Its high shredding capacity and, at the same time, simple operation and maintenance are ideal for use in the recycling or mining industry


Sizes - Lococrush JawJC 3JC 5JC 7
Outputmax. 220 t/hmax. 330 t/hmax. 400 t/h
Opening1 020 x 5401 230 x 5601 250 x 805
EngineCAT C7.3B Stage VCAT C9.3B Stage VCAT C13B Stage V
Load volumeup to 6 m3up to 6,5 m3up to 9 m3
Discharge heightmax. 3 420max. 3 420max. 3 560
Main conveyor width1 000 mm1 200 mm1 200 mm
Weightmax. 32 750 kgmax. 40 320 kgmax. 53 240 kg
Weight with screening unitmax. 35 050 kgmax. 42 750 kgmax. 56 470 kg
Transport dimensions with screening unit (max. in mm)15 250 x 3 440 x 3 00015 250 x 3 440 x 3 00017 680 x 3 620 x 3 200

Without the screening unit it is possible to fold the main conveyor by transport. Without screening unit the transport lenght is 12 050 mm (JC3, JC5) or 13 650 mm (JC 7). The screening unit is disconnected using suspension hooks and a very simple system of hydraulic quick couplers.

If your technical parameters are different - write us your specific requirements within the parameters and we will propose a solution directly for you.


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