Battery locomotives

Our battery-powered locomotives are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the rigorous standards of the railway industry. LocoPro team is developing emission free locomotives for already more than 15 years.

Technical description

Our battery locomotives are equipped with maintenance-free, three-phase, asynchronous motors ranging from 12 kW to 45 kW (up to 20 t), whose speed and torque are precisely controlled by frequency converters (each traction motor has its own frequency converter for better power distribution and driving characteristics). Power is transmitted to the wheels via the gearbox, with the chassis featuring a two-axle design and interchangeable rim-secured castors that are suspended with elastic rubber blocks.

To ensure the locomotive's safety and reliability, it is fitted with dual braking systems that function independently on both axles: The primary braking mechanism employed is electrodynamic braking, which is complemented by a secondary friction brake that is primarily utilized as a parking brake during normal operation.

Our mining battery locomotives utilize state-of-the-art lithium technologies with an emphasis on safety and efficiency. The battery pack is equipped with a customized BMS system.

To ensure the driver has up-to-date information on the locomotive's status and operations, a control panel display is provided for monitoring.

Our locomotives can be tailored for use with drivers onboard, as well as fully automated operations without a driver.

Basic parameters

We can adapt the weight of locomotives to the customer's requirements - most often the total weight ranges from 4 to 18 tons. The locomotive can have one or two cabins. We can make the locomotive cabins removable or fixed according to the conditions in the working environment.

We can adjust the track gauge from 500 mm to 1,200 mm with a gradient of 35 ‰, max. track radius 12 m. They work at temperatures from -10 to 40 ° C.

The battery locomotive is easy to drive and also easy to maintain. High quality batteries and sophisticated frequency converter are maintenance free.


TypeAL - 04AL - 06AL - 10AL - 14AL - 18
Maximum pull (kN)1015253545
Electromotorsthree phase asynchronous
Power (kW)2 x 122 x 152 x 222 x 302 x 45
Weight (t)46101418
Gauge (mm)600-1000600-1200600-1200600-1200600-1200
Minimum curve radius1012151520
Axles / propelled2/22/22/22/22/2
Maximum speed (km/h)1818181818
Cabin height (mm)1600-18001600-18001600-18001600-18001600-1800
Width (mm)1100-13001100-13001100-13001100-13001100-1300
Lenght total (mm)3200-47003500-49005000-55005000-55005000-5500
Headroom over rail (mm)80100100100120

If your technical parameters are different - write us your specific requirements within the parameters and we will propose a solution directly for you.

Max. pull force (kN) 10 - 45
Batteries customized lithium technology battery packs based on customer requirements
Hydraulic HYDAC
Max. power (kW) 2x12 – 2x45
Weight (t) 4-20
Gauge (mm) 500 - 1 200
Max. curve radius (m) 10 – 20 (according to the locomotive dimension)
Axles 2
Maximal speed (km/h) 20
Max. height (cabine) (mm) 1 800 or specific
Max. width (mm) 1 300 or specific
Max. lenght (mm) 5 500 or specific

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