Custom production

Do you have specific requirements? Nobody can offer you what you are looking for or need? Contact us and together we will prepare a technical solution directly tailored to your requirements. If you have specific working conditions, specific material, you need to streamline the production flow, so together with your experience we can create a product on which you will not have to make any adjustments, but will be adapted from the factory to special conditions.

Rental and sale of used machinery

When purchasing a new machine, we offer our customers the option of purchasing the machine as consideration. As we are a manufacturing company with our own service department and our own production capacities, we can refurbish used machines or do overhauls and offer them for resale.

For our customers who buy a used machine from us, we can again offer technical support and delivery of production items for machines that are not of our brand or help them to adapt their older machine.

Delivery of spare parts

For our customers, we can provide operative delivery of spare parts that we have in stock. When delivering the final products, we also supply customers with a list of recommended spare parts in the documentation.

Thanks to our technological capabilities, we have the opportunity to offer fast production of parts not only for our products, but also on the basis of drawing documentation, we can help customers with the delivery of parts for various machines and equipment.

We always try to meet the needs of our customers when delivering new spare parts or repairing damaged ones, as we know that it is very important for customers to get their machines back into full operation.

Repairs and overhauls

Our team of service technicians can provide service of crushers (not only of our brand), as well as we can carry out overhauls of crushing equipment of various manufacturers, so that their operation is still without problems.

Custom CNC Machines Manufacturing

Our service and product portfolio also includes production of CNC machines which can be used in different sectors.

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