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Welcome to the future of mining locomotives! Our hybrid trolley accumulator locomotive is the latest innovation in sustainable transportation technology, now featuring LTO (Lithium-Titanate Oxide) battery technology instead of diesel. With its advanced battery system, our locomotive can operate for extended periods of time on pure electric power, reducing emissions and fuel consumption to near-zero levels. Our LTO technology allows for rapid charging times, and its long lifespan ensures that our locomotive is not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, our hybrid trolley accumulator locomotive is the ultimate solution for sustainable transportation needs. Join us on a journey towards a greener and more sustainable future with our LTO-powered hybrid trolley accumulator locomotive.


LocoPro is making headway in green energy utilized in small mining equipment for more than 15 years. 15 years ago LocoPro used the asynchronous motors for the locomotive drive for the first time and since then LocoPro is continuously developing and improving the driving abilities of the electric driven locomotives. In the last three years we made huge engineering development in the means of utilizing customized battery solutions (Li-On and LTO technology) and independent automatic locomotive (train operation).

The TAL Locomotive (Trolley Accumulator Locomotive) is hybrid locomotive that can safely operate in rail slope up to 1:500 and can operate in conditions from -20 ºC to + 45 ºC. The TAL locomotive is a single cabin locomotive and its range can vary from 25-33 tonnes weight. The chassis is constructed for two-axle operation per locomotive.

The locomotive is driven by two independent asynchronous traction motors – one for each axle. The traction motors are mounted to the gearbox via direct drive coupling system. The wheelset is mounted in journal bearings and assembled to the locomotive chassis.

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Locomotive traction is controlled by two frequency inverters (for each traction motor), with internal independence between the axles for performance and maintenance purposes. The frequency converters take advantage of AC tractions full capabilities and ensures smooth starting and braking of the locomotive.

The secondary energy source is the customized LTO traction battery system.

The locomotive has two independent braking systems. The primary braking system is electrodynamic which either charges the batteries or dissipates heat through the rheostatic brake resistor. The second brake system is a mechanical friction brake that applies its braking force directly to the wheel tread.

The locomotive features a local Locomotive Motor Controller (LMC) so that the locomotive can be driven by a driver onboard but also integrated in fully automated systems. The TAL locomotive can be used as a single vehicle or can be connected via several sources in a master-slave configuration (one on each end of the locomotive).

Weight (t) 20-30 (can be customized)
Track Gauge (mm) 800-920
Track radius of curvature min. (m) 20
No. of Driven Axles (2) 2
Maximum tensile force (kN) 67.7 (for the 30 t)
Speed continuously regulated (km/h) 0 - 20
Max Speed (km/h) 30
Tractive Power kW Max. 2 x 130 (for the 30 t configuration)
Catenary Voltage (nominal) (VDC) 250-600 (can be customized!
Auxiliary Battery (VDC) 24
Height (mm) 2300 (can be customized)
Frame Width (mm) 2000 (can be customized)
Clearance from TOR (mm) 200
Wheel Diameter (mm) 680-720

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